Facing Tax Evasion Charges? Hire A Tax Attorney To Help

Being accused of tax evasion is a big deal. Unfortunately, it's one of the worst situations you can find yourself dealing with regarding the Internal Revenue Service. If the IRS believes you've intentionally failed to pay taxes for an extended period, they can bring charges against you that could cost you a fortune while putting you at risk of spending time behind bars. While this is a daunting experience for anyone to go through, tax attorneys are available to guide you through the process while doing their best to get you out of the situation. [Read More]

4 Instances When Your Company Should Seek Corporate Litigation Services

Every business owner understands that there is always some risk associated with running a company. No matter how well you plan or how great your products or services are, there is always the potential for something to go wrong. This is why it's so important to have solid legal representation on your side—you have someone who can help you navigate the often complex world of business law. There are a number of different situations where corporate litigation services can be extremely helpful for businesses. [Read More]

4 Things About Workers Compensation Law You Should Know As An Employee

Did you know that in most states, workers compensation is the exclusive remedy available to employees who are injured on the job? Here are four things about workers compensation law you should know. 1. You might not be covered if you're an independent contractor One of the most important things to know about workers compensation law is that you might not be covered if you're an independent contractor. This is because workers compensation coverage is typically only available to employees, not contractors. [Read More]

Income Verification As A Self-Employed Individual For Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is a complex and often overwhelming experience. This major legal step to getting your finances in order takes a lot of time, much of which will be spent gathering important documents. If you own a business and need to file for bankruptcy, the process can be even more involved. You have to determine your income even if you are a business owner. This can take a long time, so you need to start right away. [Read More]