5 Reasons Why Workers' Compensation Claims Get Denied

While the majority of employers try their hardest to provide a safe working environment for their employees, accidents still occur. Whether it is from slipping on liquid on the floor or falling from a height, workers get hurt on the job every day. What makes things even more frustrating is when their workers' compensation claims get denied. Here are some of the most common reasons why employers deny workers' comp claims. [Read More]

Personal Injury Claims And Settlements | Common Faqs

Filing and winning a personal injury claim is not as cut and dry as it may seem to onlookers. In almost every situation, there are a lot of steps in between what happens when the claim is filed and the case goes to court, and a settlement offer is usually one of those steps in the process. Here are a few of the most common questions about settlement offers and the answers you need to know. [Read More]

Child Tax Issues: Who Gets To Claim The Children On Their Tax Return?

When the new year rolls around, and it's time to file your taxes, if you have dependents, it means big tax credits that can save you a lot of money or even land you a refund. When two parents are divorced but share children, it can mean disputes arise about just who gets to claim those children on their taxes. Some people assume that the parent who has primary custody gets to claim the children involved for tax purpose,s but this is not always the case. [Read More]

Have A Child With Special Needs? Estate Planning Makes Sure They Are Cared For

The AARP says that about 6 in 10 adults in the U.S. do not have a will. You don't want something to happen to you and leave your family to pick up the pieces. As you enter your senior years, it's important that you add estate planning to your to-do list. Estate planning is especially important for couples that have a child with special needs. Take a look at why this is important. [Read More]