Your Husband's First Family Wants You Out Of His Inheritance: What Can You Do?

Second wives are often not treated well by the first family of the husband. You are finding this out the hard way, as his children are saying that you'll get nothing when he passes away. What can you do? Hire an estate lawyer to do things fairly. Being a Second Wife is a Challenge When you marry a man who has already had a wife, you may find yourself struggling to fit into his emotional paradigm. [Read More]

How Are Medical Bills Handled With A Pending Accident Claim?

One of the first questions people have when they bring an auto accident lawyer in on a case is how medical bills will be paid. A lot of this depends on what options you have in terms of both your auto and medical insurance. Let's take a look at the basics. Dig Out Your Insurance Policy The government requires your insurance carrier to provide a copy of your insurance binder at least once a year. [Read More]

Committing A Crime For The First Time & Hiring An Attorney

It isn't uncommon for some people to commit crimes in the spur of the moment, such as due to being under stress for a financial situation. For instance, being in a store with no one paying attention to what you are doing can lead to a desperate act of stealing valuable merchandise, even if it is out of character for you. If you feel embarrassed about committing such a crime and now have to face legal charges, it doesn't mean that you have to fear what you are sentenced with. [Read More]

Two Ways To Pay For Personal Injury Help

Car accidents can cause widespread misery and pain to victims, and these victims might have money coming to them. If you are the victim of a careless driver, you might consider taking legal action against that driver. In most cases, it's highly advisable to move forward by hiring a car accident attorney. Some victims, however, never make that move due to financial concerns. Read on to find out why your current lack of financial resources is no reason to turn down the legal help you need and want. [Read More]