Hiring an SSI Attorney: Things To Know

Whether you've applied for SSI benefits and been denied or you're just getting ready to apply and want to reduce the chances of a denial, you should reach out to an SSI attorney for support. SSI attorneys can help you even as you start the application to help ensure that you're providing sufficient information and documentation, or your attorney can help you with your appeal following a claim denial. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right SSI attorney for your needs. [Read More]

4 DUI Myths No Driver Should Believe

In 2020, 290,000 people were injured in automobile accidents involving an alcohol-impaired driver. Prominent reminders about the dangers of driving under the influence are seen frequently in the news, and many people know someone personally who has been involved in such an accident. A number of myths about DUIs and DUI law have been propagated that make it more difficult for drivers to get trustworthy information about the subject. This guide will clear up four of the most common DUI myths. [Read More]

Types Of Patent Infringement

Patent infringement occurs if another party makes or uses a patented product or process without the patent holder's permission. Below are some common forms of patent infringement. Direct Infringement Direct infringement occurs if someone duplicates your product without your permission. Direct infringement applies whether or not the infringer knew about your product. In this case, the defendant is the party who duplicated your product. Say you have a new type of facemask that prevents respiratory infections without restricting breathing. [Read More]

What Does It Take To Become A DUI Lawyer?

There are many types of lawyers out there, making it difficult to tell them all apart. They all come with slightly different areas of expertise. Many know they want to be a lawyer but maybe don't realize how many options they have to choose from. One of those types of lawyers is a DUI defense lawyer.  What Does a DUI Lawyer Do? A DUI lawyer's responsibility is to represent and defend those who have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. [Read More]