Can You Receive Compensation Due To A Serious Burn?

Getting a serious burn can change your life forever. If you have received severe burns either at work or from a product you were using, and your injury lawyer can prove that there was negligence at the fault of the manufacturer or in the workplace, it is possible to receive compensation for a serious burn. Like with any injuries, you must be able to prove that the fault lies with the product manufacturer and that you were using the item correctly. [Read More]

Information On Employer Lawyers

As an employer, you want to make sure you cover all of your bases when it comes to protecting your business. It's a good idea for you to protect your business by taking any issues that may become a liability to a lawyer and get professional counsel from them. By discussing certain issues with a lawyer, you can prevent yourself from making mistakes that could end up being costly for your company. [Read More]

What's The Limit On A Truck Accident Claim?

If you've been injured in a truck accident, you may want to collect as much money from the other party as possible. That means you probably want to know the limit on the maximum truck accident claim. Here's what you should know. Maximum Fines When a truck driver or any driver causes an accident, the police will usually give them a ticket. The fine for a ticket is set by law and depends on the type of violation. [Read More]

DWI Myths That Could Be Misleading You

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated can be a serious criminal matter. While this can be among the most likely criminal charges that a person may encounter, it can also be one of the charges that are among the most commonly misunderstood. Myth: A DWI Is Always Less Severe Than A DUI A common belief among some individuals is that a DWI will typically be less serious than a DUI. In reality, these are often simply interchangeable terms for the same offense. [Read More]