Your Husband's First Family Wants You Out Of His Inheritance: What Can You Do?

Second wives are often not treated well by the first family of the husband. You are finding this out the hard way, as his children are saying that you'll get nothing when he passes away. What can you do? Hire an estate lawyer to do things fairly.

Being a Second Wife is a Challenge

When you marry a man who has already had a wife, you may find yourself struggling to fit into his emotional paradigm. For example, his wife may still be around even if he's older and his adult children may resent you for marrying their father. Even worse, you may find that they want to fight you tooth and nail about his potential estate and have stated that they would leave you out if they could.

As a result, you may find that you could end up with a long fight on your hand long after your husband passes away. You have no desire to get everything — you know his children deserve something — but they are very bitter and trying to hurt you. This situation should be dealt with before it happens by talking to an estate lawyer and getting the necessary guidance.

Why an Estate Lawyer May Be Necessary

If you're a second wife and you're worried you may get nothing if your husband passes away, you should talk to him and an estate lawyer right away. Sit down with them — and your husband's children — and talk about the estate in a logical fashion. Try to keep emotion out of the situation appeal to the better side of his children and his first wife. Doing so can help this process go more smoothly.

However, you may also find that they are still combative about the situation. Having an estate lawyer present can help, here, by creating an objective barrier between you and his children. They can discuss how your husband plans on splitting up his belongings, let them know who is getting what, and make everything crystal clear. This step is often wise if you don't think you can trust his children to do right by your needs. So while this may become a somewhat messy experience for you, it is one that you need to do. You deserve what is owed to you just as much as his children. And if you bring him happiness in his late years and truly loved him, you should get the money that he wants you to get. And an estate lawyer can make sure that this happens.

For more information, contact an estate lawyer in your area.