How Long Will A Car Accident Case Take?

When you've been in a car accident, time is a major factor as far as getting a settlement from the insurance company is concerned. You'll probably have some repairs need for your car, and you may also have some medical bills to cover. Unfortunately, timing can be a tricky factor in such cases. There are many factors that can extend or shorten the time it takes to conclude the case. This is why it's a good idea to be ready to bring in a personal injury attorney. [Read More]

Have You Experienced Age Discrimination? 3 Ways To Tell

In 2012, a Maui worker named Debra Moreno was awarded $193,236 in an age discrimination lawsuit. Debra had been laid off by her company after the owner had made comments about her appearance and said that she "sounded old on the phone." Because of the owner's comments, the case was fairly unambiguous. However, in most cases, ageism is a lot harder to prove. Most people with the power to hire and fire won't make blatantly ageist comments out loud or at least not in front of anyone who might repeat them. [Read More]