Three Steps On Divorcing And Remaining Good Friends

Often, a person you are good friends with can seem like the best person to marry. Good friends treat one another well and are always considerate of the feelings of each other. Having a romantic element with a good friend can feel special and the relationship can feel safe. No relationships are immune to any types of issues, so a divorce from someone that you consider a good friend is a possibility. Here are three ways to divorce and remain good friends after the process is over. 

Make the relationship and person separate

When you know that divorce is the best idea, you will need to talk to your partner. When approaching the conversation, be sure to make the conversation around the relationship issues, rather than about the person. Talk about the problems or the voids that you feel the relationship has. Discuss how divorce will increase the happiness or quality of life that the both of you feel. Attributing the divorce to the relationship as a third party, rather than to the other person's faults will make it easier to remain friends. 

Go over what you want to divide as a team

Instead of pitting yourselves against one another, you can hire a mutual  divorce attorney to go over a settlement for the two of you. Dividing assets together looks like a group effort and can be the first friendship goal that you have starting your new lives over as single people. You and your ex-spouse can sit down and talk about the lives that you want to lead while single. From there, determine who needs what property or assets the most and make a clear division so that everyone is happy. Have a divorce attorney solidify the agreement and file it with the courts legally, rather than going through a legal battle against one another. 

Go to couples counseling

Though it can seem ironic, going to couples counseling after a divorce is the best way to go about being friends. Once the two of you are feeling well enough to speak to one another, make an appointment for weekly or bi-weekly counseling. The counseling can help the two of you figure out how to take the necessary steps to separate the divorce from your life as friends. To do this you will need to remember why you became friends in the first place and understand that you do not have to see the divorce as the defining moment nor an ending to your caring for one another actively.