DWI Myths That Could Be Misleading You

Being arrested for driving while intoxicated can be a serious criminal matter. While this can be among the most likely criminal charges that a person may encounter, it can also be one of the charges that are among the most commonly misunderstood.

Myth: A DWI Is Always Less Severe Than A DUI

A common belief among some individuals is that a DWI will typically be less serious than a DUI. In reality, these are often simply interchangeable terms for the same offense. As a result, a person that has been charged with a DWI will have to treat this as an extremely serious matter as they will be exposed to the same type of penalties that can accompany a DUI. This may include a combination of fines, revocation of the driver's license and even the potential for jail time.

Myth: It Is Impossible To Protect Yourself Against DWI Charges

When a person is charged with driving while intoxicated, it can be easy to think that there may not be possible for them to effectively defend against these charges. While this is a serious criminal charge, there are DWI attorneys that can represent individuals that are charged with this type of crime. In addition to ensuring the rights of the defendant are protected throughout the proceedings, these attorneys can negotiate with the prosecutor and take other steps to represent the client during these proceedings.

Myth: DWI Proceedings Will Always Be Processed Quickly

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the legal system can move somewhat slowly. Individuals that have been charged with a DWI may find that it can take months in order for the case to be fully resolved. While this can be disruptive, having professional representation during these proceedings will limit the amount of work that you have to do to resolve this case while providing you with access to a trained professional that regularly handles this type of criminal case.

If you have found yourself charged with a DWI, you will want to have a thorough understanding of the particular threats that you will face. This can be difficult for those that do not have the previous experience with these cases to understand the realities that are behind some of the myths that they may have heard about this type of criminal case. If you are aware that a DWI can be the same as a DUI, that there are effective options for defending yourself in a DWI case and that these proceedings can be somewhat slow, you will be far better positioned for your defense.