What's The Limit On A Truck Accident Claim?

If you've been injured in a truck accident, you may want to collect as much money from the other party as possible. That means you probably want to know the limit on the maximum truck accident claim. Here's what you should know.

Maximum Fines

When a truck driver or any driver causes an accident, the police will usually give them a ticket. The fine for a ticket is set by law and depends on the type of violation. For example, speeding tickets are usually a few hundred dollars.

The thing to know about fines is that it might make you feel better that the other driver got fined, but it's separate from your truck accident case. The traffic violation can help you prove your case but you don't get the fine money.

Insurance Limits

Insurance policies usually have fixed dollar limits on what they will pay. There are usually separate limits on property damage claims and personal injury claims. There is a minimum insurance limit that's set by law and the maximum limit depends on how much coverage the other driver bought.

The insurance limit is only a limit on what you can collect from the insurance company; it's not a limit on the total value of your truck accident claim. For example, if you have $2 million in damages from your truck accident but the truck company only had $1 million in insurance, you are not limited to collecting just $1 million.

To get the money above the insurance limit, you'll need to go to the trucking company or driver directly. This might mean suing them for the difference if they don't agree to pay.

The Value of Your Case

The real limiting factor in a truck accident claim is how much your case is worth. There are no standard guidelines for how much money you get from certain types of accidents. It all depends on how much the accident cost you, and you're entitled to get back every cent.

Truck accidents have a number of costs, including your property damage repairs, medical bills, and lost wages. Any expense or loss of quality of life that you can tie to your truck accident is eligible for compensation. The only limit is that you have to prove the dollar cost of your losses rather than just suing for a high number.

To learn more about how much you can get from a truck accident claim, contact a local truck accident lawyer today.