Personal Injury Attorney for Sexual Assault in the Workplace

Sexual assaults and misconduct are serious crimes that can carry criminal punishments. Sometimes these crimes occur in environments where victims should feel reasonably safe. This can make reporting the incidents difficult especially if the accused person is a superior. Hopeless individuals may abandon their livelihood in an effort to make the situation go away. Unfortunately, sexual crimes can leave lingering mental effects for victims that may be anxiety and depression-related, but there are numerous other ways that individuals may be impacted by these acts in the workplace.

It is important to understand that there are different types of sexual assault. Some people assume that assaults take the form of physical abuse. Unfortunately, many employers do not provide enough information on the topic to employees. This is also a reason why some egregious incidents may happen without others being aware. The following points represent the types of sexual misconduct that could be compensable. 


This is an act that will almost certainly result in criminal repercussions if the accused individual is convicted. A civil case surrounding a rape might include suing the individual who is accused of the act. Sometimes the individuals accused may not have resources to pay restitution, but a judgment could still be entered against them. Authority figures who do not take disciplinary action can also be listed in lawsuits as well as the owner of the place of employment. Some individuals may be used as witnesses rather than part of the lawsuit(s).

Conversation or Statements

Making sexual remarks to another individual in the workplace should be obviously wrong. Some individuals get used to making obscene comments, and it may get dismissed by some of their co-workers. However, when unwanted advancements are reported, action should be taken. Lack of investigation or disciplinary action could be a basis for suing. Another potentially sensitive area of sexual misconduct is making rude comments towards individuals based on their sexual preferences. Threats can cause the same psychological effects that physical abuse survivors endure.

A personal injury lawyer can review the details of the victims. It is helpful to have documentation of incidents or be able to recall approximate dates that they occurred. Reporting the incidents is also valuable especially if the reports get ignored or no action is taken. Many personal injury cases involving sexual assault extend beyond the accountability level of regular employees and supervisors. Some cases have resulted in exposing major corporations and high-level executives of attempting to cover up sexual assaults. 

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