Incidences That Call For Hiring An Experienced Dental Injury Attorney

When you go to the dentist, you expect them to take the best care of you. You never expect to suffer an injury that leaves you in pain or disfigured. However, when you suffer more after your appointment than you did prior to it, you have rights under the law as a malpractice victim. These examples of incidences call for you to hire an experienced dental injury attorney to represent you.

Damage to Facial Nerves

When dentists extract teeth or operate on your gums, they must numb some of the nerves in your face. They often numb the nerves in your jaw, lower cheeks, and even your nose so you do not feel pain when they pull your teeth.

In normal cases, the numbness wears off in a matter of hours, and you resume normal function and feeling in your face. However, in rare cases, your dentist can permanently damage your facial nerves. You may even experience facial paralysis and permanent loss of feeling in your face.

If your dental treatment has left you suffering from facial nerve damage, you need to hire a dental malpractice lawyer to represent you. Your attorney can file a malpractice suit against the dentist and pursue compensation for your medical expenses, therapy, lost income, and other damages.


Likewise, when you go to the dentist, you expect them to take care to avoid contaminating you with dangerous illnesses like HIV or hepatitis. However, if your dentist does not take proper precautions and infects you with an illness, you have rights under the law to hold them accountable.

In a case like this, your lawyer can prove that your dentist either knowingly or accidentally infected you with HIV, hepatitis, or another serious disease. Your dentist can be held liable for paying for your medical costs. They may also be compelled to pay for your prescriptions, therapy, and the income that you lose from not being able to work. 

Your dental injury attorney can decide what course of action is best to take for your situation. They can file a lawsuit to pursue a judgment if your dentist does not want to settle out-of-court. Your lawyer can likewise push for a settlement if you want to avoid going to a trial. You can gain the compensation that you need to cover your medical costs. You can also win compensation for punitive damages.

For more information, contact a dental injury attorney, such as Mitchel Lidowsky, Esq.