Over And Over Again: Repetitive-Stress Injuries And Workers' Comp

Most people associate on-the-job injuries with sudden accidents, often in heavy industrial work settings. There is so much more to work-related injuries, however, and some can take their time to become apparent. Repetitive-stress or strain injuries are just as debilitating as a broken bone or back injury, and those who suffer from these injuries sometimes are left with permanent disabilities. Read on to learn more about injuries that are caused by motions that occur over and over again. [Read More]

Need More Evidence For VA Appeals?

After being denied Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, many veterans are left with the daunting task of proving their point to a complex legal system. If you've already given all of the information you have, what else is there to give? A lot, since unless you're a doctor or have been to multiple hospitals to document your condition, your documentation may be less of a perfect set of evidence and more of an educated guess. [Read More]