Kids, Cars, And Summer Heat: What Everyone Should Know

How many stories have you heard year upon year about parents leaving their children in the car? Some children are found when it is too late to save them, and in some cases, passers-by do not know if they could do anything to help. Here's all you should know about kids and cars in the summer heat. How Are Kids Harmed in the Car? While the temperature outside might not be unbearable, the temperature inside a car without the engine running and AC on will quickly rise. [Read More]

3 Tips For Handling Pet Custody Issues

The question of what happens to pets following a divorce usually never comes up when a couple is adopting the pet. Unfortunately, though, couples do break up, and they are often left to battle it out over who retains custody of the pets. If you and your partner are separating, here are some tips to help with deciding what happens with the pets.  Know the Law Depending on the state in which you live, there might not be specific laws in place that provide a guideline for deciding custody of a pet. [Read More]

Three Important Points Custodial Parents Need To Know About Guardianship And Unforeseen Occurrences

Do you have custody of your children and an amicable relationship with the other parent(s)? If so, you may not have considered making guardianship a priority because you assume that if something happened to you or one of the other parents, then custody would automatically go to the surviving parent. Establishing a legal guardianship plan will protect you from odd but possible circumstances. For example, if one parent passes before the other, the courts could deem the surviving parent as unfit or irresponsible. [Read More]

Is It Possible To Restore Gun Rights After A Domestic Violence Conviction?

According to the NCADV, the risk of homicide increases 500 percent when guns are present in domestic violence situations. It's no surprise, then, that police typically confiscate weapons when called to handle domestic abuse, and people convicted of this crime often have their gun licenses revoked. If you've had your gun privileges taken away because of a domestic violence conviction, you may be wondering if it's possible to have them reinstated. [Read More]