Types Of Patent Infringement

Patent infringement occurs if another party makes or uses a patented product or process without the patent holder's permission. Below are some common forms of patent infringement. Direct Infringement Direct infringement occurs if someone duplicates your product without your permission. Direct infringement applies whether or not the infringer knew about your product. In this case, the defendant is the party who duplicated your product. Say you have a new type of facemask that prevents respiratory infections without restricting breathing. [Read More]

What Does It Take To Become A DUI Lawyer?

There are many types of lawyers out there, making it difficult to tell them all apart. They all come with slightly different areas of expertise. Many know they want to be a lawyer but maybe don't realize how many options they have to choose from. One of those types of lawyers is a DUI defense lawyer.  What Does a DUI Lawyer Do? A DUI lawyer's responsibility is to represent and defend those who have been accused of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. [Read More]

Understanding The Need To Have A Will Prepared

Preparing for your eventual passing can be one of the most important things that you do for your family. However, it is an act that can be unpleasant as it requires a person to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about their own passing. Appreciate The Need For The Will To Be Kept Updated Having a will can help your loved ones avoid having to deal with many of the legal challenges or problems that could come up after you pass on. [Read More]

Car Repossessing: Fighting to Get Back Your Wheels

If you've recently received a car repossession notice in the mail, fighting to keep your wheels can be a major challenge. A car repossession attorney can help you buy more time and fight to keep your vehicle from being towed away. Here are some strategies car repossession attorneys use to counteract the repo process. Putting on the Brakes Once initiated, a car repossession case can be difficult to stop. Because almost everyone involved with the car repossession (creditors, tow truck drivers, and dealerships) have something to gain, your attorney can help you put the brakes on the process to buy you more time. [Read More]