Slow And Dangerous Harm: What To Know About Brain Trauma And Vehicle Accidents

A brain injury after a car accident can sometimes be slow to show symptoms or signs, leading to delayed recognition and diagnosis. This phenomenon is known as a "delayed onset" or "latent" brain injury. Below are some key points to understand and what victims should do when they are hit by a careless driver. Delayed onset of symptoms   After a car accident, the brain may experience trauma, such as a concussion or more severe injury. [Read More]

Understanding Accident Impact Statements

Auto accident impact statements, also known as victim impact statements or victim impact statements (VIS), are written or oral statements presented to the court by individuals who have been directly affected by an auto accident. These statements aim to provide a personal account of the physical, emotional, and financial impact the accident has had on the victims and their families. How are impact statements used? Victim impact statements serve multiple purposes within the legal system. [Read More]

3 Times To Consult A Child Custody Attorney

Many parents separate or divorce and organize their own child custody agreements. However, this isn't always possible, and you might need help from an experienced child custody attorney. When is it a good idea to consult a lawyer in custody cases? 1. You Can't Come to an Amicable Agreement  Separation and divorce are stressful periods. People often lose an objective focus here. They can't work together to get to the end of this process. [Read More]

Steps To Take Once You Become The Guardian Of An Older Adult

Being named as the guardian of an older adult is a serious responsibility. It means that you are legally responsible for making decisions on behalf of the individual, including their healthcare, finances, and daily care. If you have been named as a guardian, it's important to take the necessary steps to ensure that you are fulfilling your duties and providing the best possible care for the older adult. Here is what you need to know: [Read More]