Have You Experienced Age Discrimination? 3 Ways To Tell

In 2012, a Maui worker named Debra Moreno was awarded $193,236 in an age discrimination lawsuit. Debra had been laid off by her company after the owner had made comments about her appearance and said that she "sounded old on the phone." Because of the owner's comments, the case was fairly unambiguous. However, in most cases, ageism is a lot harder to prove. Most people with the power to hire and fire won't make blatantly ageist comments out loud or at least not in front of anyone who might repeat them. [Read More]

Why You Need An Attorney For Your Child Custody Case

If you have found yourself facing a child custody case, whether you were previously married to the other parent or not, you might want to speak with a family law attorney. While you do have the right to represent yourself in this case, you might not want to after reading through the following points. It is important to make sure that you are taking the time to consider why it may be best for you to have a family attorney by your side so you can start to find the best one for your needs. [Read More]

Three Steps On Divorcing And Remaining Good Friends

Often, a person you are good friends with can seem like the best person to marry. Good friends treat one another well and are always considerate of the feelings of each other. Having a romantic element with a good friend can feel special and the relationship can feel safe. No relationships are immune to any types of issues, so a divorce from someone that you consider a good friend is a possibility. [Read More]

Hire An Immigration Attorney To Handle Your Green Card Issues

The past year, without a doubt, saw major changes in America's immigration policy. Policy issues such as increased deportation and a major reduction in refugee admissions are not the only notable immigration developments. Changes have also been made through government's complex system of green cards. You should hire an immigration attorney to maneuver through the immigration system for green card services in order to fulfill the United States Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) requirements. [Read More]