3 Times To Consult A Child Custody Attorney

Many parents separate or divorce and organize their own child custody agreements. However, this isn't always possible, and you might need help from an experienced child custody attorney.

When is it a good idea to consult a lawyer in custody cases?

1. You Can't Come to an Amicable Agreement 

Separation and divorce are stressful periods. People often lose an objective focus here. They can't work together to get to the end of this process. They can't agree on how to move forward.

This process can become particularly difficult to manage if you have to make child custody arrangements. You and your partner might not be able to agree on who has primary custody of your child. Or, one of you might not accept a split-custodial agreement.

If you can't agree on a custody arrangement between you, then a court might make a decision for you. You might not like the outcome.

At this stage, it helps to consult an experienced child custody attorney. They can look at your case objectively and help you get the outcome you want. They can negotiate with your partner for you.

2. Your Partner Is Violent

If you are in a violent relationship, then you might have decided to leave your partner to protect yourself and your child. Even if your partner is only violent to you, their behavior has detrimental effects on your child. You want to get them into a safer environment.

However, you might not be able to negotiate custody with a violent partner. You might not even want them to know that you are leaving them and applying for custody. This might increase their violent behavior; if they have a controlling personality, then they might apply for sole custody.

You need legal help here. A child custody lawyer can help you plan how to apply for the custody you need. They can help you put together evidence to show a court why your partner should have no or limited access to your child.

3. You Have a Blended Family

If your child is part of a blended family, then you might find it hard to get the custody agreement you want. Courts don't always want to remove children from their siblings, even if they aren't related by blood.

A lawyer can help you work out how a court might view your child's custody agreement. If you have a valid reason for them not to spend time with their blended siblings, then your lawyer can help you find expert witnesses to prove your case.

For more advice, contact a local child custody attorney. They can advise you on your case and how to get the best custody arrangements for you and your child.