Top 3 Misconceptions About The Handling Of Uber Accidents

Uber is undoubtedly one of the major players in the ride-sharing market. With more Uber drivers on the streets, so has the number of accidents involving Uber increased. Unfortunately, there remains some misinformation about handling Uber accident claims. 

Here is a look at the most common misconceptions, highlighting what is truth and what isn't.

An Uber Accident Attorney Only Handles Such Cases 

It's improbable that an attorney only handles Uber claims. That said, you want to ensure your attorney has handled and settled Uber cases for passengers and drivers. Uber claims may not be too different from what you'd expect with standard auto accidents, but there is never a substitute for experience. 

A seasoned Uber accident attorney understands the nuances of Uber claims and will bring the required experience to your case. Indeed, you will always be better off with an experienced attorney than taking your chances with that attorney for whom yours will be the first Uber claim they handle.

Company Insurance Doesn't Cover Drivers

A while back, Uber wasn't liable for accidents involving their drivers, with the argument being that Uber drivers are independent contractors, not employees. Thanks to state laws, this has changed, and while drivers still must carry personal insurance, the rideshare company has Driver-Partner insurance covering all its drivers.

While the insured sum is quite significant, your Uber accident attorney will explain that there are conditions imposed and that the policy will only provide coverage under specific situations. Putting it succinctly, the policy will only cover damages if the driver has an active ride in the app at the time of the accident.

You'll Always Get Up to $1 Million in Compensation

It is indeed true that Uber has an insurance policy for its drivers that is up to $1 million. However, there is no guarantee that you will receive as much compensation. Unfortunately, most people think that being involved in an Uber accident and hiring the best Uber accident attorney will get you that hefty compensation.

In reality, how much you can expect after successfully settling your case will depend on several factors. Primary among these are the injuries you sustain in the accident and the established liability of the Uber driver. It's unreasonable to expect your accident attorney to get you the full amount in compensation without due consideration of the specifics of your case.

Contacting an experienced Uber accident attorney after your accident is imperative. A professional attorney will help you understand what to expect from the process so you have realistic expectations from the start.

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