How Driving While Intoxicated Can Negatively Impact Your Life

Going out and having a few beers or drinks are what some people enjoy doing on the weekends or their days off work. Getting behind the wheel of an automobile while being under the influence is where the problem starts. If you've been out drinking and you're not sure if you are under the legal limit to operate a motor vehicle, you could be putting lives in danger. Here are some ways that driving while under the influence of alcohol can impact your life.

DWI Legal Charges

When you drink, alcohol becomes present in your bloodstream. When a police officer pulls you over, and he suspects that you've been drinking, he will request to administer a breathalyzer test on you. This determines the exact amount of blood alcohol concentration in your blood. On average, anything .08 and over is considered legally drunk. The law sees that you are physically and mentally impaired enough to not be behind the wheel of a vehicle. At this point you'll likely be arrested and your vehicle will be impounded. Fees can rack up quickly with:

  • Impound charges
  • Jail stay
  • Restitution
  • Probation fees
  • Court costs and fees

In addition, you'll have to pay for an attorney to represent you. The court may also mandate that you attend drug and alcohol treatment and attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

License Plate Confiscation

When you get a DWI (driving while intoxicated) you are subject to license plate confiscation. It doesn't matter if the car you're driving belongs to someone else, the plates are removed and a temporary plate is issued. This can cause extreme embarrassment and hardship to the owner of the car. They will have to pay a renewal fee once it expires and won't be able to get their original plate back or sell the car until your case is adjudicated in court.

Insurance Revocation

When you're arrested for a DWI, your insurance company is notified of the incident. The insurance company can raise your premium rates or in some cases, cancel the insurance policy altogether. Having one or more DWI charges also leads to more points on your driver's license. This can cause your insurance rates to skyrocket through the years.

In most DWI cases, your driver's license will be suspended, restricted or in some cases revoked. This can cause a major burden on you and your family. You may also have to pay for a breathalyzer unit to be installed on your vehicle before you can drive it. There are endless reasons why drinking and driving are a bad idea. Even worse, you could lose your life or take the life of another in the blink of eye. Ask yourself if it's really worth it in the end. If you feel like you were wrongfully given a DWI, contact a lawyer like Follender Law Offices, P.L.L.C.