How To File Bankruptcy When You Have No Money

If you are completely broke and are really struggling with all of your bills, then you might think that bankruptcy is your best option. However, you could feel as if you are too broke to file bankruptcy. Basically, many people assume that they can't afford bankruptcy because they don't have the money to hire a pricey bankruptcy lawyer, but you do have options. If you have no money whatsoever, try these tips for filing bankruptcy anyway.

Consider Filing on Your Own

Although it's generally best to hire legal representation to help you with a bankruptcy filing, you shouldn't assume that you can't do it yourself. For simpler cases -- such as if you rent rather than owning your own home and don't have a lot of other assets to worry about -- it can be a smart decision to file on your own to save that money. Look online for resources in your state; for example, you can find online guides and information for filling out your own paperwork, and you may be able to call a free legal hotline for advice.

Look for a Pro Bono Attorney

Believe it or not, some lawyers are willing to help people in your situation for free. Not all lawyers are looking to make a lot of money off of their clients; some truly just want to help people who are in desperate financial situations. Contact legal aid in your community to find out about your options. Along with getting a list of attorneys who might be interested in helping you for free, you may also find information about low-cost attorneys in your city.

Hire a Lawyer Instead of Paying Your Bills

It might not seem like a smart option to spend money when you have so many bills to pay, but there's a chance that you're better off to take some of your bill money to hire a lawyer instead. Most attorneys offer free consultations and can tell you if this is a good idea. It might turn out that this can help you completely turn your financial life around, and you can shop around for a lawyer who will get things started without charging more than what you have on hand.

It can be tough to get out of a tough situation when you feel as if you don't have enough money to file bankruptcy. However, trying one or more of these tips can help you get started, even if you are short on cash. (for more information on bankruptcy attorneys, contact Thomas M. Denaro, Esq.)