Steps To Take After A Vehicular Accident

If you have an automobile accident, there are a series of steps you will want to take to make sure you get the proper care needed for yourself, other passengers, and your vehicle. When injury becomes a factor, you must be diligent in getting information about the accident to the proper authorities in case it will be needed at a later time. If you believe the accident is the fault of poor sign placement, you will need to take extra steps in having the problem corrected and getting money owed to you for your medical costs. Here is a guideline on what you will need to do after an accident involving injury, if you believe the cause was not one of your own.

Right After The Accident Occurs

As soon as the accident occurs you will need to determine how injured you are so you can get help to you as quickly as possible. Call 911 and have medical personnel come with an ambulance. Do not deny medical treatment. You may have an underlying problem that is not recognized, and it is best to have a doctor check you to make sure you do not have an injury that will show up after the accident.

Get Detailed Information

If the accident was not your fault and you believe your medical costs and car repairs should be taken care of by the town or the state due to negligence in the way signs were placed, you will need to document the information in front of you while you are waiting for the ambulance. Snap photographs of the scene from your cellphone while waiting for assistance.

If you have any uninjured passengers, have them get out of the vehicle to take pictures for you while waiting for help. If there are any witnesses, ask them to stick around to give a statement to police and medical personnel. It is best to have as much reported as possible because you will need it if the case ends up in a court situation.

Hire An Attorney

You will want to quickly find a personal injury attorney such as The Reed Noble Law Firm PLLC to represent you. All documented evidence will be analyzed in order to figure out who was at fault for the accident. Try to meet with your attorney from the hospital, if possible. Important details in vehicular accident cases are often lost after time. If the details are fresh in your mind from just happening, they may be important enough to make a difference in the result of the case.